Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The song of sparrows

I have never watched an Iranian film before. The only vague information I have previous got about Iran is that it's the largest country in the middle east,to the right of Iraq, both of which are well-known for their abundant oil resources and government dictatorship.
This film brings me into a whole different world: Karim and his family's living space in the vast mountains, his working place in an ostrich farm, their religion and language, the way women dressed there in long robes covering the whole body. At first, I'm observing, at a comfortable distance, into an Iranian way of life, as the film progresses, I'm slowly taken into the characters. Regardless of my completely different cultural background, I feel as if I could be one of Karim's family member. In no time I became deeply attached to him and was concerned with his destiny every minute. At one point I was hoping this story would last longer and wished I could go to Iran and see everything for real.
I researched the religion of Islam almost immediately after watching the film.
The basic values and needs that define the foundation for good individual and social life include: life, religion, intellect,family and wealth. To protect these basic values, there are five norms:Self-sacrifice, Frugality, Contentment, Individual Sacrifice for the the good of the nation and society, Forgiveness.
The original meanings of the Islamic religion is positive and inspiring for running the society. Although certain Islamic militant organizations such as al-Qaeda have committed acts of terrorism since 70s with tactics including suicide attacks, hijackings, kidnapping and so on.
The ideology that plays a role in this is the principle of Jihad(meaning struggle, or defensive or retaliatory warfare against actors that have allegedly harmed Muslims.) Here the "warfare against Islam" refers to the historical struggle between Christianity and Islam. The terrorist groups created a claim that they are under "attack" and that western society accepts immorality, usury and contracts itself in terms of "liberation of women".

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