Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rolling home with a bull

I was suspicious of whether I'd enjoy this movie when I first heard of it. I haven't familiarized myself with Korean films, though I have been watching Korean television dramas for the past 20 years and enjoyed them as one of my major ways of entertainment. I watched "in between days"( an independent film by So-young kim the day before Friday and I was quite touched how the girl treated her challenging circumstances as a new immigrant with much resilience and courage, but the pacing was a little bit too slow; it drains me in a deep hypnotizing emotion and I still can't pull myself out of the depression long after watching this film.
This film, "rolling home with a bull", is quite different; it lies in between commercial films and independent/experimental films. It has a clear narrative and structure. As the director commented, it embodies the road movie form(so as to show off some korean country side views) as well as a self-explorative adventure into the buddhism values.
I know a bit about buddhism but I am find some moments in the movies quite mysterious: the reconnection between hyun-soo and Paul, the dream sequences Paul had while he was on the road, the burnt-down temple, the wind chime cow bell, losing and finding the bull. Also the way they are tied together to a narrative is quite unexpected especially towards the ending.

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