Monday, April 23, 2012

Review on Novak

The author points out that bollywood films are largely incorporated into the western markets but it is often interpreted partially with its unique song and dance sequences. He then illustrated that this remediation in an anthropological and social context. He also posed questions on methodologies and logics of this re-appropriation. He argues that creative appropriation is a positive act and it pushes what could have been lost to a new globally-circulated form.
The authors started by pointing out that
I have watched the film Ghost world previously and had an impression that the intro credit song was very awkward and confusing; it did not seem like a dance/song combination that would exist in an American comedy movie about teenagers. Before reading the article, I had no idea it was an excerpt from a Bollywood film. The fact that the excerpt was actually on TV in the movie in a clever way explained its raison d'etre, but it still didn't seem believable to me that it was an America TV program. The following scene when the girl was dancing along in such a twisted and absurd way seem to hint that she is an awkward person and this type of music/dance performance on TV is by no means a common/normal/popular performance among people at that time.
The article then went about how Clowe made the clip circulate. One thing I find interesting is that, in now days with social media websites like facebook and youtube, sharing a "Hey you gotta see this, man"Video/Sound Clip happens too often, in a wide range of subjects and all around the world. And this current situation, when remediation commonly takes place, challenges us even more on analysis of the remediation process and its consequences.
The author seems to overly prove remediation and the resulting global circulation, but I'd like to ask, what might be the consequences of a false/biased interpretation of a culture's original art being globally marketed and sold? If every country in the world has its TV programs or films remediate things coming from outside into something its own people could understand/appreciate, will that impede its people from reading into the real outside world and will that encourage people to over generalize and make quick conclusions?

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