Monday, March 5, 2012

Film review on l'denier du monde (happy end)

I watched this film because the theme described in the program intrigued me: a combination of sci fi and romantic comedy with a hint of surrealism. That seems to be what I have always been interested in exploring and portraying. The film was quite different from my expectation though. But that was a good thing. The film took me on an emotional roller coaster and gave me a surprise every ten minutes While always resolving problems in funny and unexpected ways.
I see and would like to interpret some of the scene similar to French oil paintings with the large use of the composition of nudes, lust and death.
The film became most surrealist when the scenes seemed staged. For example when the man passed by a shelter in the mountains where rocks had fell off and killed people in the cars while other people just resting and making drinks. Another example would be when he found out everyone at the blue French cocktail partied died and their naked or half covered bodies piling up in the living room.
The film set off in a strange and ambiguous scene in a book shop. I also immediately noticed the background music being extremely loud as a non diegetic sound source. The surrealism also lied in surprise of random animals appearing here and there, how the film made Taiwan seemed like Japan, every women, or women and men fell in love with Robinson almost instantly or rather inevitably, and eventually die for him. In contrasts to that, Robinson himself has always been unbelievable determined to love Lae, and never gave up looking for her. His hopes kept being raised high by little traces of Lae, like finding her mother in Spain and bizarre sex video tapes of Lae in the mansion.
After a while I found myself wanting to linger in Robinson's past, when everything was beautiful yet transcendental. Everything in his present seems too tragic to be true, yet seemed logical, as if his wild past leads to his own tragedy, in spite of the "world ending" big environment.
To find Lae, Robinson went on long journey that carried along from his past to his present, he kept losing and gaining at the same time: he traded his beef for a bike and lost it in a carnival; he got cars from women he met and lost the cars soon afterwards as the women died. eventually he found his "eve"(or did he?), running naked and free on the street of Paris at the end of the world. Adam and eve returned to purity and regained their loyalty of true identities of mankind.
The song in the end of the film seems that it should be a better title for this film-"the way to your bed/heart".

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