Wednesday, February 1, 2012

24 hour listening log

4 am: woke up in the middle of the night because of the jetlag, opened up my ipod and listen to "Haydn Piano sonata E flat major allegro"

9:30am: got up and my alarm clocks rings "marimba: sound three times

10:00am: went across the main green and heard the wind brushing trees, birds and people walking/talking

11:00am:eating breakfast while listening to ipod "jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes"
11:45am go to morrison and Gerald studio and practiced piano and drums (played random compositions of my own)

12:50pm have lunch talking with my friends in the ratty lots of people chatting

1:00-3:00pm at class listening to lecture and watched a chinese language reporter news

4:00pm at my room cleaning and unpacking while on my computer playing the whole album of Roger Ridley" my favorite of the album being "Stand by me"

7:00pm eating at RISD dining hall with my friends, talked and I recommended my friend to listen to a jazz singer Thelonious Monk and showed her the song"Epistrophy"

9:00pm went to a rehearsal for a performance for Chinese new year banquet. The music was performed by a Guqin (an old zither-like Chinese music instrument) player.

12:00pm went to bed after listening to "Birdland's weather report "

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