Sunday, October 16, 2011

in between days

The first time I watched the film three weeks before, I had a very different experience. I watched it alone by myself in my bed at a chilly rainy night, and before this film, I just watched Fight Club, which kept me immersing in the twisted illusions of life and death. I was still depressed and my brain was stirred up when I watched “In between Days”. Last Monday, however, while I watched it on the big screen with the class, I was able to view it with a fairly neutral mood.
One of the most memorable moments while watching the film was when the girl asked the boy to sleep over in his closet. To me the scene evoked my memory of a similar experience. When I was in middle school, my neighbor always made a lot of trouble that his parents would hit him, then he ran away from home and came to hide in my closet. I would let him sleep in there sometimes too. The affection I had towards him was something really subtle and confounding to me, and not sexual. While he slept in my closet, I felt nervous and anxious, but also really happy. In the film, there's little sexual tension in that scene, but the the mixed feelings both of then had was portrayed really realistically: the girl asked him to sleep in the closet but didn't resist when he came to sleep on the bed in the middle of the night, then she forced him again to hide when her mother got up. I can see her anxiety when he came to her bed and lied down next to her; she was relieved that he didn't do anything and looked at his profile lying next to her with affection.
I think the culture conflict is definitely reflected in this film, but not as a prominent part. Though I though it could have gone further in the context of the story. At the beginning of the film, Aimie's culture shock upon living in a western country(later known as Canada) is well presented through her English class , her lunch at school dining hall, her letter to her dad, and parties she went to. It gives me a clue that the story is going to be built on this foreign setting, and around challenges she will face and overcome. To my surprise, the story stayed on the same page, and focused entirely on the relationship between the two main characters; they are so isolated from the environment that it didn't even matter where they were.
Overall I feel really related to the two characters and their relationship.

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